2020, August 17


Az augusztus...

2020, June 21
2020, June 6




Continuously changed 17 routes of various difficulty walls on 280 square m’s surface.

12 varying difficulty routes on 13.5 meter vertical wall.

3 routes on negative wall, with an overhang on 6 meter height.

2 children’s wall, slightly negative, 4 meters high, with many large holds. The top of the route is accessible by stairs with a balcony for the parents. 

Height of 13.5 m. Negative and overhanging routes, lead climbing opportunity for pros.Many routes, easy routes for beginners. Children’s  wall.

The holds are regularly cleaned (preventing greasing), and routes are regularly rebuilt! 

The ropes, harnesses and Gri-gri (self-braking device) can be rented for free. All of our gear are UIAA - International mountaineering association - approved.

The challenge is set, in front of a 13.5-meter climbing wall, and it is up to you whether you’ll make it to the top. Come and conquer Budapest's highest artificial walls.