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Terms of use


  • Only those can stay in the gym who filled out a sheet, with their name, time of arrival, and signed it. With this act, you agree, that you’ve read, interpret, and know the possible threats. 
  • Climbing Empire Inc. states that, the service offered (top roping, and lead climbing) can be dangerous.  Participating in climbing activity, watching it, or staying in the gym can be dangerous. These risks include, but are not limited to the following: 

a, death or serious injuries caused by falling people, or objects.

b, death or serious injuries caused by negligence, inattention, insouciance, omission, or inexperience, inappropriate physical or mental condition, or misuse of equipment.

  • You can only enter in sober state of mind. Drunk, narcotic, or anyone under the influence of mind-altering drugs may not enter.
  • Only climbing and tennis shoes are allowed. Climbing without shoes or in sandals is not allowed. 
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in the gym, except for drinking water in tightly closeable bottle.
  • Wearing glasses and jewelry are not permitted. Long hair and loose clothing should tucked in. It is forbidden to wear any objects that - because of the possible risk of accident- can be caught. The non-removable jewelry needs to be taped down.
  • Staying under the walls –which are used- is prohibited.
  • Personal belongings should not be placed in the climbing room, it should be kept the lockers or placed in the reception. We are only responsible for belongings kept in the reception.
  • Careless attitude will not be tolerated. Disturbing, diverting, or jogging the belayer is strictly prohibited. We ask you to avoid shouting, because it interferes with the communication between the climber and the belayer, so it can be a cause of accidents.
  • Attaching the safety cable is compulsory. You should never step, or kick any ropes lying on the ground. 

The climber and the belayer should always check each other.  Belaying is only permitted to those who knows how to use a Petzl Grigri (we teach the appropriate use). A belayer should always be bypassed from the behind.

No one can be forced to belay a climber. The belayer is obligated to justify him/herself.

  • You are held liable for the assets received, accidental, intentional damage or loss of locker key. Damage on the climbing wall or on the equipment must be immediately reported to the front desk.
  • We ask you to consider the following:
  • The climbing gym in legal terms - as consideration for the fee - lends the wall and climbing equipment (harness, rope, carabiner, safety devices) to the guests. The condition of the climbing gear is strictly our liability, so we continuously check, and monitor their condition and replace them if necessary. Should an accident occur because of a broken rope, torn hold, or a broken carabiner it is our responsibility. We are not liable for the use of foreign (own) equipment, or any accidents due these equipment.
  • Unfortunately we have no influence over the proper use of the safety equipment, so if by carelessness the rope is not properly inserted into the belaying device, or a belayer descends the climber and an accident occurs, then this accident is the responsibility of the climber and the belayer, and should be settled between them. The belayer should be fully aware that the life of the climber is in his/her hands.
  • The residents in the gym acknowledge the safety and accident prevention rules and only deviate from them on their own responsibility.
  • Climbing The Empire Ltd. does not provide direct instruction, and does take any responsibility for any teachers mediated by Climbing Empire Ltd.
  • Climbing Empire Ltd. duty personnel are obligated to:
  • To see the guests, issue a receipt as a proof of payment, and hand over the necessary equipment
  • To call the ambulance in case of an accident, and to notify the authorities needed.
  • To act in his/her judgment in case of an emergency, and if necessary to begin the rescue according to the Emergency Plan.
  • The climbing gym is private area. All criminal acts are subject of denunciation. Until the arrival of the police Climbing Empire Ltd. and compound security guard is entitled to keep the suspect on the spot. Climbing Empire Ltd. is entitled to check ID’s in the climbing gym.