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About indoor climbing

Our two-story gym was specifically created for the sake of those who are interested in indoor climbing. Here beginners and pro’s alike can enjoy the buzz either in lead climbing or top roping.  Climbing moves and strengthens almost every muscle in your body, and is an excellent opportunity to experience your physical and mental limits. The so-called fitness climbing is ideal for women because their bodies are able to form proportionately, at the same time strengthens the thighs, calves, buttocks and definitely can achieve an attractive shape, all while having a good time. Wall climbing, specifically climbing up with rope protection is a method used around the world for curing spinal problems.

Even beginners who are interested in wall climbing feel free to visit us, since they will receive all the necessary assistance needed for climbing from our safety instructors. The instructors teach the basics, as well our easier walls will give the beginners the joy of conquest.

Climbing is preferred in pairs, since we’re not always able to provide you with a belayer. It is likely that you will find someone on the spot who can belay you, but this way you’ll put your life into the hands of an unknown!

Even the smaller children can try wall climbing, kids can challenge themselves on our children’s wall which was made especially for them.

Our holds are regularly cleaned, and the routes are regularly rebuilt, ensuring the ongoing development of new challenges!

In winter, the temperature in the gym is average of 15 to 18 C, so we recommend that you wear long pants and a sweater. This temperature is ideal for climbing, but if you don’t move, get a sweater on because you might catch a cold.